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Arizona News & Update

A lot has changed since our previous newsletter at the beginning of the year. But before I go into that, I want to give a brief update on Marti.

It took a couple months after we got back home in January for her to get her strength back, but she has recovered completely. We praise the Lord for this. She went back to a specialist after we returned and he just “scratched his head” and did not have any answers. We know her physical attack last November was from the enemy, but he lost the battle!

We have been in Arizona for a little over a year and have come to really feel at home here. We’ve needed to make a number of adjustments, including being farther away from our immediate family and our BC friends. We appreciate having one of Marti’s brothers and family close by, and we have also made some friends locally.
While we were in Canada in December, Marti and I began sensing a significant change and focus in our hearts about our ministry. It took some time for us to realize that what we were feeling was that we were to begin phasing out “ministry” as we had known it. That phasing out had already begun for us before we left BC, but we thought we would get going again here in Arizona.
It finally “dawned on us” that the numerous prophetic words we had received over the past few years all spoke of relocation and a new beginning. Every word emphasized that we were not to look back on what we had been doing, but to look forward to something completely new. Having been in some form of leadership and ministry for over 40 years, it was difficult imagining what we would do that was not “ministry.” We “kicked a few tires” here and there, but nothing materialized.

As you might have heard, a few months ago I was prompted to get into real estate sales. As I began moving in that direction, everything fell into place and I am now a licensed realtor! So our years of experience in the “people business” have taken on a new expression! The office I work for has a great team of people who are helpful and encouraging to me as a “newbie.” I am looking forward to interacting with people from all walks of life in more than just real estate! We will still do the occasional seminar or marriage symposium if the Lord opens the opportunity.

So. if you are considering real estate in Arizona, please consider allowing me the opportunity to serve you. For more information you can access my real estate website here.

The journey of life takes many turns. We believe it is necessary to apply the lessons we have learned from the past so we can embrace the present and anticipate the future. May our accomplishments of last year be the stepping-stones for our future.

Blessings to you and yours,

Eli & Marti

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