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Fathers are Unique

Fathers are unique. They are the source of a family; without them, none of us would be here. Fathers have a life-long effect upon their offspring, influencing and shaping the direction of coming generations. Ultimately, the influence of fathers shapes the entire society.
Being a father is much more involved than just having the ability to procreate – almost any healthy male can do that. A father assumes the full responsibility for his offspring. He does not expect others to nurture them, but provides for his own. He has within him an inherent sense of commitment to see his children mature and follow in his footsteps. He sees himself as the sustainer of his “creation”.

Sons and daughters will look back on the relationships with their “dads” to their dying day. Some of the memories will be recalled with fondness – others, wished to be forgotten.

A father is aware that he is the strength of his family. That strength will be used to motivate and direct his household all his days. He will either instill a proper sense of self-esteem or he cripples his posterity with continual berating.

A father realizes the training given to his sons today will help shape tomorrow. The emotional well-being of his daughters will largely depend on his own relationship with them. His influence will help prepare them for their own families and future responsibilities.

Fathers are aware that they are primarily accountable for the stability of their home. In light of this, they demonstrate dependability and integrity. Fathers will not require of others that which they would not take the initiative to do themselves. They lead by example.

The standards of a home are largely established by the example of fathers. If respect for others is inherent in dad, the rest of the family will be inclined to follow suit. If he is an example of affection and love, harmony will be the order of the day. If dad is not trustworthy, the family will begin to dissolve.

One of the greatest needs in our society is the re-establishing of positive role models in the home. Young people are looking for someone to look up to, someone to be an example. There is only one opportunity to positively influence the next generation – today. Make time for your children. If you don’t – somebody will.

Fathers, this is a good time to check yourselves and see how you measure up. There is no better time than the present to go over a bit of a check-list and begin to fulfill what is your God-given role in society. The generations to come will be forever grateful.

“Children are fortunate if they have a father who is honest and does what is right.” (Proverbs 20:7 TEV

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  1. Marilyn Knight Marilyn Knight
    November 26, 2016    

    Great word, and so needed in this world today! Was delighted to see you back on the site!

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