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It has been almost two years since I have written anything on this site. A lot has happened during that time that I want to share with my readers and friends. Let me begin a couple years ago.

When we moved to Arizona I had intentions to launch some form of web outreach. However, soon after getting our website set up to do that, we were hacked so bad that my web designer, my hosting company, nor I could get into the site to do anything with it. We were able to make a backup of the hacked site in hopes that we could salvage some of the work we had done. (We have just recently got the site running again on the new platform so we can get back to adding some content.)

About the same time I finished real estate school and got my license. Because of the time and energy that I needed to put into getting started on this totally new venture, I left the website with just a landing page, and set aside my ambition to start an online outreach, and focused on real estate. That was almost two years ago!

Then in early 2015, after experiencing considerable chest pains and shortness of breath, I was given the unexpected news that I needed heart bypass surgery due to four severe blockages. Although I went back to work several weeks after the April 2nd surgery, it took a couple months before I felt pretty normal again. I thank the Lord, my supportive wife, and the prayers of friends that my strength steadily improved, and except for a couple “hick-ups” along the way, I am doing well again.

Which brings me to the present. Having done what Marti and I loved for over 45 years, there is a growing desire in my heart to get into some expression of passing on to others, and to another generation, what I/we have learned and experienced over the course of those years. Some reading this might remember the “INSIGHT” articles I wrote for 18 years. (I was pleasantly surprised, as I have been asked a couple times during the past few months, if I am still writing those articles! Was that a “spiritual nudge”?)

Not having a local expression, I don’t yet know in what form, or when, we will launch this venture, but I wanted to write this article to give you a “heads up” for starters. We invite your prayers and comments for us as we look at our resources and abilities for an anticipated launch this summer.

Blessings always,

Eli Miller


  1. Sharon Aubrey Sharon Aubrey
    May 30, 2016    

    Far too deep and rich of a well to leave capped for long – looking forward to what is ahead.. I have always been blessed by and love you both.

  2. Terrie Terrie
    May 30, 2016    

    You and Marti are always in my prayers. Hugs and love to you both. I’m glad to hear this news.

  3. Wendy Wendy
    May 31, 2016    

    Excited to hear what is in your heart Eli. I have admired you since I was a little girl in the “move” you were always my favorite preacher

  4. Ken Wommack Ken Wommack
    July 13, 2016    

    Looking forward,my brother and sister!
    Maybe we will come see you one day!

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